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David J. Olivieri, CFP®

David J. Olivieri, CFP®

President and Owner

They say, “What a difference a year makes,” but financial advisor, Dave Olivieri, says, “What a difference 50 years makes!”  Dave Olivieri, President and Owner of O&R, started in this industry over 50 years ago when the Dow Jones was under 1000 and the question between brokers was, “Will it ever get over 1000?”  The country was in trouble, unemployment was high, it was hard to buy gasoline, gold was at an all-time high, real estate was in the dumpster, and the stock market had gone nowhere in the past ten years.  Sound familiar?

Dave Olivieri will admit he hasn’t seen it all, but he has seen quite a lot!  And that’s why he’s been able to help so many individuals and families with their financial planning for the generations. 

His reputation and tenure has made him an experienced speaker through the years; speaking to individuals, families, and business owners about ways to help improve their investing and practices.  People always ask him why he got into the financial services industry and his reply has remained unchanged: “It never gets boring because there’s never two of the same!”

Dave Olivieri resides in Laguna Hills and is a father of four and enjoys time off to play golf and visit his six grandchildren.