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Mitigate Financial Dangers with Risk Management Services

At some point, as a working professional or a retiree, managing your money becomes less about saving money and more about mitigating financial risks. At O&R Partners, our financial advisors can help you determine your risk tolerance and fill in the gaps of your current financial plan with risk management services. Contact us today to discover and contain your potential financial risks. 

Determine Your Risk Tolerance

While pinpointing your personal risk factors, our professional financial consultants will look at several facets of your budget. Using data such as age, career, income, retirement projections, and current insurance coverage, we can determine the level of risk you have to lose assets and learn how to help protect them. 

Find the Appropriate Protection For Your Needs

Our risk management practices include evaluating and recommending insurance options. After determining where you may have holes in your current financial situation, we can suggest better coverage options to make up the difference. Talk to our advisors about all of the following coverage options:

  • Disability coverage
  • Life insurance
  • Personal insurance
  • Long-term care insurance

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Finding the flaws in your financial plan may save you money down the road. The practice of risk management alongside financial planning keeps you working towards  for your goals with fewer potential hurdles. Call us today at 949-581-2889, or fill out our online form to mitigate your risks for asset protection.

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